Welcome on board 'The World': The luxury super-liner of the rich and famous

The most exclusive and luxurious ship on the planet; it's no surprise that only a privileged few will ever have the opportunity to travel in a super-liner of this calibre. But for those who may not have the chance to see it first hand, hellomagazine.com offers an insight into this stunning vessel in which some of its well-heeled passengers actually live on board all year round, sailing the seas at unprecedented levels of comfort.

Ownership of an apartment on this ship will set you back between £825,000 and £5.75 million. Naturally, its super rich passengers are eager to travel surrounded by total luxury and its 165 meticulously designed cabins are more akin to apartments, with sizes ranging from 100m2 to 400m2.

The ship boasts a golf simulator, several swimming pools, a spa, tennis courts, a gym, a library, luxury designer boutiques and four restaurants.

Unlike traditional cruise ships, the staff to passenger ratio is considerably higher, and those privileged enough to be on board year round also benefit from the luxury of choosing their own itinerary through an on board voting system... what more could you ask for?

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The luxury liner takes privileged passengers to some of the most beautiful and unspoilt destinations around the world 

In between stop offs, those on board can enjoy a relaxing game of golf using the on board simulator. 

The 163 cabins are more like apartments, with sizes varying from 100 – 400 m2. Each one boasts a living room, three bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and the finest fixtures and fittings 

The living room of one of the exclusive apartments 

The cabins are designed to the highest of standards to meet the expectations of the most demanding passengers 

The ship's itinerary is selected by the owners of the apartments through a voting system 

Although the boat can comfortably accommodate 1,500 passengers, only 200-300 are permitted on board to ensure the utmost intimacy and privacy 

Romantic alfresco dining – the perfect way to end the day 

There are four restaurants on board, allowing passengers to sample culinary feasts from around the world whilst enjoying panoramic views of the seas 

Almost all of the cabins are sold or rented to millionaires who are aficionados of world travel, some of which live on board for the much of the year 

A luxury liner like The World wouldn’t be complete without a spa featuring an extensive range of beauty treatments