Lots to do in Los Angeles

World famous as the home of Hollywood and of so many stars of both big and small screen, Los Angeles also boasts a multitude of museums, 75 kilometres of coastline, an unparalleled nightlife and an almost perfect climate.

Los Angeles – 'the city of the angels' – the third richest city in the world, is the indisputable entertainment capital, and epicentre of the motion picture industry. It's also an international centre for business, trade, fashion, sport, science and technology. The second most populous city in the States bustles with creativity and culture. International artists, writers, film-makers, actors, dancers and musicians make their home in the diverse metropolis, which hosts 54 film festivals a year and offers a score of theatre openings every week. The endless programme of concerts, films and performing arts productions ensures there's never a dull moment in the entertainment schedule.

But there's more to the city than Hollywood and the performing arts: there are plenty of fine dining and exclusive shopping options, and Los Angeles boasts more museums per capita than any other city in the world. With its Mediterranean climate, LA enjoys year-round sunshine; the sedimentary plain of the Los Angeles Basin offers a wide diversity of natural habitats and is rich in native plant species, while coyotes, mountain lions and snakes are to be found in the surrounding mountains. Enjoy a stroll along the boardwalk at Venice Beach in the Californian sunshine, or visit San Pedro and the LA Harbor, home to the World Cruise Center, the largest cruise-ship terminal on the West Coast. The New England-style Ports O' Call seaside village features speciality and gift shops as well as a wide range of restaurants and attractions, and you can take a fishing boat trip or a cruise out to Santa Catalina Island, or even go whale watching.

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Los Angeles; Hollywood sign
Perched above the city on Mount Lee, the iconic Hollywood sign dates from 1923 and evokes all the glamour and magic of this city of dreams / © Michele & Tom Grimm 

Grauman's Chinese Theater, Los Angeles
With its forecourt pitted with the cement hand and foot prints of stars of the silver screen, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, which opened in 1927, is the most sought after location in the city for movie premieres / © Nadine Markova 

Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles
The Frank Gehry-designed Disney Concert Hall opened in 2003 as the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center and is home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra / © The Music Center 

James Irvine Japanese Garden, Los Angeles
Hidden in the urban style of downtown Los Angeles, the James Irvine Japanese Garden is a tranquil corner of paradise where the sound of clear water cascades gently between flowers and trees / © Michele & Tom Grimm 

Encounter Restaurant, LAX, Los Angeles
The Encounter Restaurant at LAX, known for its futuristic parabolic arches, space-age design and spectacular exterior lighting, is one of the most recognisable buildings in the U.S.A. / © Michele & Tom Grimm 

Venice Beach, Los Angeles
Enjoy the sunshine and take a stroll along by Venice Beach – or maybe cycle or skate – with the Pacific Ocean as backdrop / © Kenna Love/LACVB 

Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles
Beverly Hills (left), one of the world's wealthiest cities, is home to a host of celebs, while Santa Monica Pier (right) boasts a world-famous leisure and entertainment centre / © Michele & Tom Grimm and © Richard Carroll