Asturian beaches: something for everyone

Whether you fancy walking along the sand, sea bathing, water sports, or simply enjoying the scenery, whatever you're looking for in a beach this summer, the Asturian coast has something to suit.

Spain's Principality of Asturias looks north out over the Bay of Biscay and the Cantabrian Sea, but the coast takes so many twists and turns you could find yourself looking in almost any direction. Compared with the crowded beaches and familiar names of the Mediterranean coast, Asturia's cliffs and coves, bays and beaches are an undiscovered treasure. Take a look at our photo gallery - or pop across the channel and see for yourself!

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Playa Ballota, Asturias
At the bottom of a narrow twisting road, the sheltered curve of the Playa Ballota, near Andrin looks out towards a rugged islet 

Cuevas del Mar, Asturias
The name Cuevas del Mar translates literally as 'sea caves', which is very appropriate for this beautiful beach outside Nueva, a village with a population of just 600 

Playa del Sablon, Llanes, Asturias
El Sablon is the Llanes town beach. Its high level of services and central location make it one of the busiest beaches in the area 

Playa GULPIYURI, Asturias
Reached on foot from the beach of San Antolin or from Naves, the tiny beach of Gulpiyuri is actually 100 metres from the sea, with which it is connected by a subterranean tunnel; due to its unusual form, it has been classed as a protected natural monument 

Villaviciosa, Asturias
The town of Villaviciosa is set on a narrow estuary and boasts seven different beaches; the surrounding scenery is typical of Asturias, with high rugged cliffs forming rocky settings for the sandy coves 

Penarronda Castropol, Asturias
The wide sands and dune fields of Penarronda are classed as a natural monument, important for both bird and flower species 

Playa de Torimbia, Asturias
For many years, now, the Playa de Torimbia, has been considered a nudist beach, but stretching for 500 metres, it attracts visitors of all types 

San Pedro de la Ribera, Asturias
At the mouth of the river Sequeiro, the golden sands of the beach at San Pedro de la Ribera, also known as San Pedro de Bocamar, boast a range of services for visitors, including parking, bar, and camp site 

Playa de las Camaras, Llanes, Asturias
Also known as Playa de los Frailes - the monks' beach - due to the nearby monastery, the Playa de las Camaras joins onto Palombina beach; close to the town of Celorio, it offers limited beach services