Chobe National Park river safari

In this African national park, located in northwest Botswana on the border with Namibia, elephants roam free. And they aren't the only ones: here you'll find zebra, buffalo, wildebeest, giraffe... Check out our photo gallery for a glimpse of this natural paradise, home to one of the largest concentrations of game in Africa.

Here, in the Chobe National Park, the heartbeat of Africa is strong. What could be more memorable than sailing the calm waters of the Chobe River, along the border between Botswana and Namibia, at dusk when flocks of colourful birds fly overhead and herds of elephant roam ponderously along the river bank? The great pachyderms may be the most impressive of the local wildlife, but they are certainly not the only ones. The seasonal migration of zebra is a spectacular sight, and there are cape buffalo, giraffe, warthogs, wildebeest and all kinds of antelope, as well as the major predators and a myriad tropical birds, with many migrants visiting from November to March. Join us on a river safari, where the shooting is with a camera, and feel the thrill of discovering Africa with your own eyes.

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Elephants, Chobe National Park
Chobe National Park is known for its great herds of elephants. These are the kings of this vast natural space, which is estimated to be home to 120,000 of the magnificent beasts 

Zambezi Queen, river cruise, Chobe National Park
The park is divided in to four areas, each with its own ecosystem. Wherever you are, sunrise and sunset are magical moments that you will never forget 

Chobe National Park
The lodges and camps of the area provide buffet meals on the riverbank – a  perfect opportunity to sit in the shade and relax 

Chobe National Park
For those wanting to see elephants, zebras and buffalo, it's best to visit in the dry season; if it's birds that interest you, though, choose the rainy season, when over 450 species are to be found in the Savuti Marsh area 

Chobe National Park
Unlike some of the African parks, Chobe National Park, which covers over ten thousand square kilometres, has no mass tourism 

Zambezi Queen, river cruise, Chobe National Park
The Zambezi Queen, with its fourteen luxury suites, sails the calm waters of the Chobe River at dusk 

river safari, Chobe National Park
The Serondela area, in the northeast of the park, is the most popular among visitors; it is here that the elephants come to drink, and you may also spot hippos, giraffes, antelopes, lions and a host of other birds and animals 

Zambezi Queen, Chobe National Park
The Chobe Park is a marvellous natural space, teeming with wildlife, and guests on the Zambezi Queen river cruise can experience the thrill of a river safari with the full comfort of five-star facilities 

Zebras, Chobe National Park
One of the most important natural spectacles of the Chobe Park is the annual zebra migration