Hong Kong, where occident and orient mix and blend

It's Hong Kong's mixture of tradition and modernity, the way in which the past, the present and the future live interwoven with each other, which makes this cosmopolitan Asian city so amazing. If you can't visit for yourself, our photo gallery will put you in the picture.

There are many great views of the cosmopolis of Hong Kong: looking down on it as it spreads out before you as you stand at the top of Victoria Peak, peering over the edge as you sip a cocktail on one of the ultra-modern high-rise terraces, or watching from a boat at sunset as the endless, state-of-the-art towers rise to touch the sky and plunge, reflected in the waters of Victoria Harbour. These dizzying skyscrapers are the best-known image of Hong Kong and the city's Central District, symbol of its status as a world financial centre. They stand in stark contrast to the traditional food stalls, the street markets, the temples with their statues of Buddha and the ever present principles of feng shui. These are the strands of the net that is woven through this city, which, over a decade ago gave up its status as a British colony to join China. Whether it's the west caught in a web of the east, or the oriental web that is pulled by its occidental catch, depends on how you look at it. Either way, the two are inseparable.

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Hong Kong, junk on Victoria Harbour
A traditional Chinese junk contrasts dramatically with the modern skyline; free tours are available on the restored boats that now ply the waters of Victoria Harbour / © Hong Kong Tourism 

Hong Kong
At 2.2 kilometres in length, Tsing Ma bridge, which connects the airport to the city centre, is the world's longest suspension bridge / © Hong Kong Tourism 

Hong Kong
One of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong, the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island is visited each year by thousands of tourists and pilgrims. On the right, the Man Mo Temple, located on Hollywood Road, pays tribute to Man, the god of literature and Mo, the god of war / © Hong Kong Tourism 

Hong Kong skyscrapers
The Central District is the financial heart of the city, home to the trendiest shops and breath-taking architecture. Just minutes from the gleaming office towers lies Hong Kong Park, a green oasis with waterfalls, streams and lakes / © Hong Kong Tourism 

Hong Kong, Victoria Peak
The Lions View Point Pavilion on Victoria Peak offers offers stunning views of the city below / © Hong Kong Tourism 

Hong Kong, Dragon Boat Festival
The Dragon Boat Festival commemorates with traditional pageantry and races the death of the Chinese national hero Qu Yuan, who committed suicide by drowning in the river Mi Lo over 2,000 years ago in protest against government corruption / © Hong Kong Tourism 

Hong Kong, autumn festival
The Chinese autumn festivals, which celebrate the harvest and the biggest and brightest moon of the year, are one of the most vibrant and colourful of the traditional annual festivities / © Hong Kong Tourism 

Hong Kong
Double-decker buses, Victorian style buildings, and streets with names such as Soho and Queen's Road: Hong Kong has to be the most western of all Chinese cities / © Hong Kong Tourism 

Hong Kong
Cantonese opera is a highly respected art form that mixes legends, music and Chinese drama with a unique style full of symbolism / © Hong Kong Tourism 

Hong Kong, Cheun Chau island
The dumbbell-shaped island of Cheung Chau has a picturesque and fascinating cultural heritage; the marine promenade bustles with small food stalls and restaurants and buzzes with activity / © Hong Kong Tourism 

Pak Tai temple, Cheung Chau
The Pak Tai Temple on Cheung Chau Island is dedicated to the Taoist god of the same name, also known as the 'Supreme Emperor of the Mysterious Heaven'. Built in 1783, the temple design includes traditional Chinese elements such as ceramic figurines, murals and stone lions / © Hong Kong Tourism 

Hong Kong cuisine
The Chinese are known for the artistic presentation of their cuisine: in the picture, one of the exquisite creations of Chef Lau Kam-kai, Hotel Nikko / © Hong Kong Tourism - Toh Lee 

Hong Kong, gourmet capital of Asia
Known as the gourmet capital of Asia, Hong Kong boasts an international cuisine famous for its exotic fusion of Eastern and Western flavours / © Hong Kong Tourism 

Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong
The  city's Avenue of Stars pays tribute to outstanding professionals in the Hong Kong film industry / © Hong Kong Tourism 

Hong Kong
This marvellous city, where ancient and modern live side-by-side, takes on a special mystique at night  / © Hong Kong Tourism - Lei Yue Mun, Kwun Tong 

Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour
At dusk, when the skyscrapers are lit up and their illuminated reflections dance in the water, a boat trip on Victoria Harbour affords fantastic views of the waterside city / © Hong Kong Tourism - Cheng Wai Ki 

Hong Kong cuisine
Presentation is key for Hotel Nikko's award-winning chef, Lau Kam-kai / © Hong Kong Tourism - Toh Lee 

Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Tourist Office organises thematic guided tours including one to the temples of the city / © Hong Kong Tourism