The snow show comes to Europe

Paris, Rome, Milan, Palma de Mallorca, London, Kiev... the polar weather has produced some amazing scenes as it leaves a white blanket all across Europe and beyond

The heavy snow across Europe may have provided the kids with outdoor fun and a few unscheduled days off school but the severity of the polar cold snap is especially severe in Poland, Romania and the Ukraine, where temperatures have dropped to 33° below zero and thousands are reported to have required medical attention. In some places the snow is a novelty even for the adults. In Palma de Mallorca, this is the worst snowfall since 1956, while in Rome, the Colosseum and other prominent landmarks have had to be closed due to the extreme weather and dangerous conditions.

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Colliseum under snow
The Roman Colosseum was closed to tourists on Friday, as the snow and ice made driving extremely dangerous 

Eiffel Tower snow
The east of France has been most affected by the wave of cold weather. Here the iconic Eiffel tower shows grey against the grey Paris sky 

Milan Cathedral snow
In Italy, it's not just Rome that's been affected, as this picture of the cathedral of Milan shows. Not only have there been interruptions to transport services, but power supplies have affected some areas, too 

Snow at the vatican
The Vatican's St. Peter's Square has been affected, too, but despite the icy weather, the scene still attracted tourists and pilgrims 

Frozen fountain, Lausanne
This fountain with a severe case of frozen pipes is in the city of Lausanne, on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland 

icicles, Michigan
The Arctic weather isn't limited to Europe: it has spread down into Africa, and America is suffering too. This spectacular shot of a father and son walking on a bridge is from St. Joseph, in the state of Michigan 

Snow in Mallorca
Snow has reached across much of the island of Mallorca and thousands of amateur photographers have been out with their cameras to capture the unusual scenes of snowy palm trees and beaches 

Roman Forum under snow
The ruins of the Forum in Rome look even more desolate after the heavy snow. Travel difficulties in the Italian capital have been compounded by a drastic reduction in public transport services, particularly buses, which has practically brought the city to a standstill 

Lion in snow
Like this lion in Romania, animals in zoos all across Europe are experiencing weather conditions that they wouldn't expect to see in their native habitats 

Swiss church in snow
We're used to picturesque scenes of snowy Swiss mountains, but this view of a church in the town of Jenisberg, near Davos is something else 

Palma de Mallorca snow
Palma, the capital of the Balearic Isles, on the island of Mallorca, has experienced one of the heaviest snowfall in its history, the worst since 1956. The seven centimetres that fell in the highest points of the city is not at all what we usually associate with this popular Spanish holiday destination 

Jack Frost has played havoc in Ukaine, where this woman was photographed through a frozen bus window as she travelled in Kiev, the capital 

Trafalgar Square snow
Britain has had a weekend of snow across many parts of the country which has grounded planes and caused disruption to rail services and road travel. Even the great lions of Trafalgar square have been hit by the freezing conditions