Bamberg: a Bavarian treasure

Set on seven hills and with a thousand years of history, the pretty town of Bamberg in Bavaria is one of Germany's treasures.

The lush green countryside around Bamberg is a charming setting for the seven-hilled town that residents of Bamberg like to compare to Rome. The hills are dotted with an abundance of medieval churches – there are nearly two and a half thousand listed buildings in total – and in 1993, two decades after the town celebrated the 1,000th anniversary of its founding, Bamberg was included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. But there's more to Bamberg than architecture: with modern shops, a buzzing nightlife, nine breweries producing over 50 different types of beer, and active and varied cultural programme including a world-class symphony orchestra, the town is a perfect place for a short break.  

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Bamberg, Bavaria
Bamberg's history stretches back to the tenth century, but although the city looks as if it's straight out of a fairytale, the city remains young at heart / © BAMBERG Tourismus & Kongress Service 

Bamberg Cathedral
The original cathedral, founded in 1004, was mostly destroyed by fire. The new Imperial Cathedral with its four magnificent Romanesque towers dates from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries / © BAMBERG Tourismus & Kongress Service 

Old Town Hall, Bamberg, Bavaria
Tradition says that the Old Town Hall was build on an artificial island as the bishop would not grant the townsfolk any land for building, making it not just a remarkable architectural construction, but also an interesting symbol of the power struggle between church and town / © BAMBERG Tourismus & Kongress Service 

Little Venice, Island City, Bamberg, Bavaria
Set on the river Regnitz, Bamberg also boasts an 'Island City' where the former fisherman's district, with its quaint half-timbered medieval buildings, is known as Little Venice / © BAMBERG Tourismus & Kongress Service 

Bamberg, Bavaria
The Old Town of Bamberg is beautifully preserved and offers a fascinating labyrinth of narrow winding lanes where half-timbered taverns jostle with ornate Baroque mansions / © BAMBERG Tourismus & Kongress Service 

Seehof Palace, Bamberg, Bavaria
From late April until early October 2012, Bamberg is hosting the Bavarian Garden Show. The marvellous gardens and grounds of Seehof Palace, just outside the city, make it an ideal setting for one of the Show's external projects / © BAMBERG Tourismus & Kongress Service 

New Residenz, Bamberg, Bavaria
The lavish style of the New Residenz reflects the magnificent lifestyle of the ruling prince-bishops whose residence it was until 1802 / © BAMBERG Tourismus & Kongress Service 

Bamberg Cathedral, Bavaria
Prince-bishops ruled the city from the middle of the thirteenth-century and many of the monumental buildings date from this time / © Chemtec 

Michaelsberg, Bamberg, Bavaria
Each of the seven hills of Bamberg is crowned by a beautiful church and the magnificent spires and pinnacles make for a spectacular skyline / © BAMBERG Tourismus & Kongress Service 

Michaelsberg, Bamberg
The Romanesque church of St Michael's Abbey, a former Benedictine monastery, stands atop the hill known as Michaelsberg; the seventeenth-century ceiling is decorated with frescoes of the herbs, flowers and fruits that were important to the citizens / © Thomas Depenbusch