Tenerife: The King of the Canaries

Whether you're with travelling with friends, family, a partner or simply going solo, Tenerife has plenty to offer. The 'island of eternal spring' is the destination for fun and relaxation.

No matter what takes your fancy on holiday, you'll find something to suit every taste. Be it rock climbing or scuba diving, relaxing on one of the many beautiful beaches or enjoying local gastronomy, Tenerife has it all.

Home to Spain's highest peak, the Mount Teide volcano, which provides the island's dramatic backdrop, Tenerife's spectacular scenery includes soaring mountain tops, ancient forests, black sand beaches, picture perfect towns and lush valleys.

The largest of the Canaries, Tenerife also boasts two World Heritage sites. And if you throw in sumptuous local cuisine and year-round sunshine then you've got a dream holiday destination.

Tour this sun-kissed hotspot with our fabulous gallery of images from around the volcanic isle.

The Anaga Rural Park's scenery is breathtaking / © Turismo de Tenerife 

Benijo beach is one of Tenerife's most beautiful. But be warned: it is better suited to photo opportunites than swimming due to strong currents / © Turismo de Tenerife 

For the best views of the island, head out to sea. The Gigantes (The Giants) are an impressive range of cliffs on the west coast that plunge dramatically into the Atlantic / © Turismo de Tenerife 

Tenerife has plenty of opportunities for the more active tourist. Paragliding offers unrivalled island views / © Turismo de Tenerife 

Underwater tourism opportunites abound too. The sea is calm and maintains a pleasant temperature all year round making it ideal for exploring the plentiful caves and shipwrecks around the island / © Turismo de Tenerife 

The Teno Rural Park is an area of 8,000 protected hectares. The area is rich in not only nature but also history and local culture / © Turismo de Tenerife  

The road that leads to Masca is a haven for nature and adventure lovers / © Turismo de Tenerife  

Both novice and expert climbers will find a suitable surface to scale / © Turismo de Tenerife  

The majestic Teide volcano soars to almost 4,000m making it the highest point in Spain. Those brave enough to make the climb describe the experience as like touching the sky / © Turismo de Tenerife  

The island's carnival is a colourful and flamboyant affair that attracts locals and visitors alike / © Turismo de Tenerife  

In some of Tenerife's towns, the colonial heritage is remains evident in the architecture / © Turismo de Tenerife  

Golfers will be spoilt for choice when choosing where to tee off  / © Turismo de Tenerife  

Witness one of the world's most diverse ecosystems recreated in the Loro aquarium  / © Turismo de Tenerife   

Deep precipices lead from the volcano to the ocean / © Turismo de Tenerife  

Los Gigantes (The Giants) will leave a lasting impression on your memory  / © Turismo de Tenerife  

The island's restaurants pride themselves on fusing together tradition and imagination in their cooking / © Turismo de Tenerife