Adrenaline adventures to get your pulse racing

If you're searching for a unique and fun way to enjoy the great outdoors this summer, head out on an adventure and kick-start your adrenaline.  

Possibilities for heady adventures range from the relatively tame to the exhilaratingly extreme. Tackling rapids during a white water rafting trip in the Chilean Patagonia, hitting the surf on Australia's Gold Coast and bracing yourself for the harsh climes on a South Pole expedition are all experiences that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

More relaxing options exist too – the fun factor remains high but the pace is more leisurely. Hop on a graceful Arab steed for a gentle horse ride in the Turkish hills, admire the views from a hot air balloon as you soar to great heights Down Under or float along Botswana's waterways on a boat safari.      

The Phu Chong Na Yoi National Park in Thailand offers bamboo raft tours, allowing you to get close to the jungle, river and its inhabitants / © Thailand Tourism 

Navigate your way through the rapids and set your pulse racing in Patagonian Chile / © Chile Tourism 

The underwater caves in the Dominican Republic attract keen divers from far and wide / © Dominican Republic Tourism 

The Austrian Alps offer a beautiful backdrop for trail running - a strenuous yet relaxing mountain sport / © Austria Tourism 

Join locals in the surf Down Under on Australia's Gold Coast / © Australia Tourism 

The Tortoguero National Park in Costa Rica is a great spot for a kayak adventure / © Costa Rica Tourism 

Awaken your senses with a swift skate across the frozen plains of the western Alps in Austria / © Austria Tourism 

Croatia's charms lie not only on its coastline. Head inland and explore the Plitvice national park / © Croatia Tourism 

Whizz down the zip wire in the Anamuya region of the Dominican Republic, just a few miles from the popular Punta Cana resort / © Dominican Republic Tourism 

Sandboard the dunes in the Egyptian desert and enjoy the soft, warm landing / © Egypt Tourism 

The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, is an adventure seeker's paradise. Climbing opportunities suit all levels / © Tenerife Tourism 

A boat safari through Botswana's wetlands allows you to get close to spectacular wildlife / © Botswana Tourism 

The best views of the vast Australian landscape are witnessed from a hot air balloon / © Australia Tourism  

Pack your winter woolies for an Antarctic expedition to the South Pole. Local inhabitants include penguins and sea lions, amonsgt many more species / © Antartic Tourism 

Sure-footed steeds will take you to the best viewpoints and past ancient settlements in Turkey / © Turkey Tourism 

A robust quad bike is a great way to get around the Society Islands in the French Polynesia / © Tahiti Tourism