Explore the world with unique travel adventures

Swim with sharks in South Africa or dive in the colorful waters of the Adriatic. Watch polar bears or sleep in an ice hotel in Norwegian Lapland. HELLO! Online bring you a selection of exclusive and incredible destinations to get your heart racing

Ever wanted to learn more about the world but at a loss for where to go?

It's increasingly difficult to surprise intrepid travellers who are looking for new adventures in which to test all their senses. These captivating photos are just a selection for those who dream of crossing the seven seas in search of something different.

From adrenaline boosting activities to the luxurious breaks designed to relax; enjoy and be inspired.

Sudáfrica Tiburón Blanco
Experience neighbourly affection next to the ocean's most feared animal, the great white shark, on the coast of South Africa, near Cape Town. A cage keeps jaws at bay whilst you experience an intimately brave encounter. For the less adventurous, sightings from the deck are also spectacular 

Mongolia A Caballo
Travel to the rugged grasslands of Mongolia's steppe by horseback and witness desert hawks and experience the nomadic living first hand in the local yurts 

Nepal Senderismo
A unique way to safari; ride an elephant through the Chitwan National Park, Kathmandu to see rhinos, crocodiles and other exotic jungle animals 

Indonesia Dragon Comodo
The island of Flores in Indonesia has been described as a kind of lost world where archaic animals, extinct in the rest of the world, evolved into giant and dwarf forms. Here tourists visit the famous Komodo dragon, the largest living lizard in the world, with a length of almost three meters 

Sudáfrica Tiburón Blanco
In the Svalbard arctic experience there is a rare chance to see polar bears from the comfort of a cruise ship 

Bostsuan safari
Elephants bathing at dawn on the banks of the Chobe River, which boasts the largest hoard of these highly intelligent animals in the world 

Croacia 09 Bucesar entre restos de barcos hundidos
Explore the forgotten relics of the Adriatic. Diving among wrecks is one of the most powerful incentives to visit the Croatian coast 

Tunez 09 Star wars
The scene that set the backdrop of Star Wars' imaginary planet borrows the name of the actual town Tataouine, Tunisia. 

Suiza_Hotel Hielo
Every winter in Finnmark, along the Norwegian sea, unusual ice hotels are built with rooms that guarantee a comfortable night on a reindeer skin. Some even have a wedding chapel below zero. 

Fly over the famous gorges of the Grand Canyon, Colorado, in a helicopter to witness a birds-eye view of one of the most amazing creations nature has to offer