Escape to the enchanting islands of Greece

Set your sights on Greek paradise, embrace beautiful horizons and captivating views. Whether you visit the archipelago of Cyclades, Sporades, the Dodecanese or the Ionian islands, the options are endless.

Art, architecture, history and mythology surround the idyllic islands of Greece, comprising a haven of cultural diversity. Explore greek cuisine, nature and nightlife in the 220 Greek islands dotted around the Mediterranean.

We travel to some of Greece's most charming locations for breathtaking shots of Santorini, Mykonos and Paros, the islands that embody a sense of tranquillity and peace. This is luxury at its best…

The Aegean islands attract thousands of visitors thanks to their bewitching sunsets / © Kirini Suites & Spa 

If you seek a luxurious relaxation break, look no further than Santorini - lie on the terraces to watch the waves, sample the finest cuisine in the local restaurants and admire the breathtaking sunset 

Discover Greece's most exclusive hotels and head to Oia, Santorini, where you will find the wonderful Kirini hotel. Set in the heart of the mountains, Kirini promises mesmerising views with a style combining the architectural traditions of the island and ultimate luxury and comfort  / 

Despite its small size, the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos is an extremely popular destination choice for holiday goers. Amongst its main attractions are the flawless beaches, the sought-after nightlife and its proximity to Delos, one of the four major archaeological sites in Greece / Hotel Cavo 

For a more authentic experience visit the Amorgos island, famous for its Cycladic white sculptures. Located in Cyclades, the area boasts unspoiled views, mountainous regions, quaint villages and a tranquil way of life 

Santorini is one of the wonders of the Cyclades islands and unique in its scenery and landscapes / © 

Santorini, despite being renowned for the Atlantis greek myth, earns its reputation for its beautiful scenery. Here, you you can enjoy some of the finest restaurants overlooking spectacular views, where white-washed houses are dotted across the sloped landscapes. An area full of life and bursting with energy, expect to find great bars and nightclubs here too / © 

With elegant ancient houses located along the sea line and clear blue waters, it's easy to understand why Little Venice is Mykonos' most romantic location / © Skoulas 

A beautiful island in the Cyclades which sees little vegetation, Paros is yet another attractive tourist destination. Its mountainous landscapes and endless beaches makes it a popular retreat. Old style buildings painted in blue and white, windmills and chapels have been conserved, giving the area's scenery an authentic touch