Capturing the magic in the air as autumn leaves fall

Whether a footstep or a far cry away, the beauties of autumn weather surround us everywhere. With flowers in their final bloom, a still autumnal air, crisp leaves scattered on the ground and burnt sunset skies, this season always leaves an unforgettable stamp in our memory. 

Now that the fall colours of brilliant reds, sun yellows and bright orange shades have arrived, we travel across the globe to the  locations that make for a wonderful view. Whether it's the warmer climes of Spain and Italy, or as far away as Japan, this season captures the rich and colourful part of nature to be appreciated every year it graces our presence.

Escape to the world's calm countrysides and city parks for just a moment of tranquillity...

Experience stunning sunsets in Germany's legendary city Heidelberg. Located in the Neckar River Valley, this is clearly the ideal time to cross the old bridge before heading into its ancient historic grounds to view the famous castle / © Andrew Cowin 


The mountain tops in Austria are the perfect spot to enjoy nature thanks to the pastoral, peaceful environment during autumn – the idyllic views making the chill in the air worthwhile / © Tourism Austria


In the heart of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, the arrival of the season is quite visible at the Karlsruhe Palace Gardens / Germany © Tourism 

This is the ideal time to get lost on a romantic walk through any forest to experience the most spectacular colours of the autumnal season / © Tourism Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Klaus Steindorf-Sabath 


Decorated with fountains and ornate statues, the tranquil forests of Aranjuez in Spain are simply stunning – its already remarkable charm is heightened when ocre leaves start to scatter amidst the gardens


Discover panoramic views of ancient villages, steep vineyards and mysterious castles in Danube / © Austrian National Tourist Office / Popp & Hackner 

The impressive temple Kyoto Daigoji in Japan becomes even more inviting during the autumnal season. Surrounded by bright maple leaves, fall colours of red, orange and green illuminate the atmosphere and reflect onto the river / © Tourism of Japan



Views across the mountain tops of Friuli, northeastern region of Italy, boast extensive pine forests, pastures, mountain lakes and small rivers / © Marco Mila



As rare as it is to find a peaceful and quiet area in Amsterdam's vibrant city, you'll find one hiding behind the buzzing city streets of Amsterdam where the stunning Begihof lies, complete with cobbled corners and quaint village houses