Patagonia: Some of the most mesmerising landscapes on earth

The unspoiled, unfamiliar and foreign lands of Patagonia boast some of the most dramatic and mesmerising landscapes on earth.

Located on the southern tip of the South American continent between the towering Andes and the Atlantic Ocean, Patagonia's tranquil and sparsely populated surroundings embody a world a million miles apart from Argentina's usual associations  – here, the hectic scenes of Buenos Aires and buzzing city streets of Cordoba are a distant reality.

Surrounded by solitude and peace, myth and mystery, mountain ranges, rivers and valley forms, Patagonia or 'the uttermost part of the earth' is quite possibly one of the most exquisite locations in the world.

From colossal ice forms and electric blue waters in Perito Moreno to the Laguna Blanca National Park in Neuquén, discover paradise with nature's infinite beauties.

Named after the impressive Puelo lake and located in the northwest of the province of Chubut, the stunning Lago Puelo National Park stands as a protected area in Argentina's Patagonia where you can camp, go swimming and explore fishing possibilities / © Tourism of Argentina. 


For those wanting to experience polar adventures, spectacular hiking trails or even world-class skiing, Ushuaia, situated at the end of the Andes, makes for a fun-filled escape and an unforgettable travel destination in Argentina / © Tourism of Argentina



The Perito Moreno is the Glacier National Park's renowned treasure and one of the most important tourist attractions in Patagonia. The giant ice form, reaching up to 60 feet high is accessible from the small town of Calafate whose own stunning landscapes are definitely worth a visit / Argentina © Tourism 

Take a boat trip along the canal de los Tempanos where you can also see the Los Glaciares National Park / © Tourism of Argentina. 

Located in the northwest of the province of Chubut and on the border with Chile, the idyllic Lake Puelo is the smallest national park in the Patagonia region, protecting forests and steppe regions of the steep Andes mountain ranges / © Tourism of Argentina. 

Regarded as the 'southernmost city in the world,'  Ushuaia offers a whirlwind of adventure possibilities - dine on the ice mountains of the remote region and experience more peace than you could ever imagine / © Tourism of Argentina. 

Nahuel Huapi, southwest of the province of Neuquén and west of the Black River, is the oldest national park in Argentina which includes the Nahuel Huapi Lake and Mount Tronador, plus a range of mountains with more than 60 lakes and countless streams / © Tourism of Argentina 

Experience ice climbing in the Glacier National Park, located in the province of Santa Cruz and the southern Andes mountain range  / © Paolo Petrigniani.