New York, after the storm comes the calm


The forces of nature that called Superstorm Sandy into New York put the entire city in shutdown mode. But with the menacing storm gone  from the Big Apple, the city will soon return to its enchanting self, waiting upon fortune seekers and holiday goers to explore New York in all its entirety.

Bursting with towering skyscrapers and beaming bright lights, there is always a corner waiting to be discovered in the vibrant city. Get lost in the hords in Times Square, take a stroll through Central Park and walk around the endless array of shopping streets in Manhattan. Discover the finest museums such as the world-famous Museum of Modern Art and dine in gourmet restaurants. Or seek out the buzzing nightlife in the city that never sleeps.

Not even Superstorm  Sandy’s destructive touch can destroy the legend and myth of captivating NYC. View the photo gallery for the city’s most stunning landscapes and intriguing architectural views and admire what can only be described as the best skyline in the world.

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