The sky's the limit with stunning cityscapes

Whether the Empire State building, Jumeirah Emirates Towers or Sydney Opera House, the iconic landmarks dotted across the globe are synonymous with the world's most epic skylines around.

Get lost in some of the most extraordinary cityscapes the world has to offer. From Sydney to New York, Chicago to Shanghai, Hong Kong to Dubai, discover the the centrepieces of the city skylines and take a step back to appreciate some of the world's most famous creations from afar.

Away from the bustling city streets and hectic mayhem of cosmopolitan life, appreciate the overwhelming visual impact of twinkling bright lights and soaring sky-scrapers and explore some of the most impressive engineering triumphs ever made.

Chicago's new and improved modern city is the result of the devastating 1871 fire, which destroyed much of the central business district and caused a hugh re-construction project. This included the construction of the first towering skyscraper, built in 1885, that overshadowed the smaller surrounding buildings. Today the silhouettes of the buzzing city remains one of the most impressive and highest skylines in the world / © City of Chicago / GRC 

Surrounded by exquisite views, a stay at the Banyan Tree Hotel in the Thai capital is a surreal experience to say the very least. The 61 floor hotel's pride and joy is its exclusive Vertigo and Moon bar, where you can dine underneath the stars or sip on a cocktail and admire the skyscrapers jutting into the sky 

Reflected in the towering skylines, Dubai's impressive economic growth has accelerated rapidly in the last 15 years. Here you will find state-of-the-art modern architecture such as the Jumeirah Towers and the Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest buildings in the world 

Shanghai's eclectic and distinctive skyline stands out from other Chinese landmarks such as the Macao, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Guangzhou. Its unique skyline features Art Deco, Soviet neoclassical and traditional Jiangnan architecture and includes the legendary tower of the Pearl of the Orient (468 metres) which stands majestically as the undisputed crown jewel of Pudong, one of the most modern districts in the world 

Puerto Madero is one of 48 districts in Buenos Aires. Located in the centre of the city, the charming river views make this district one of the most exclusive areas in South America, not to mention its extensive skyline and cosmopolitan atmosphere / © Ministry of Tourism of Argentina 

Apart from endless theatres, bars and boutiques right on your doorstep, the Big Apple is renowned for its impressive skyscrapers, bustling streets and bright city lights. Whether the Empire State building, the Financial district from Brooklyn Bridge or the Chrysler Building, these iconic buildings add to the mesmerising skyline that at night light up the entire city. The Trump World Tower served as the tallest tower in the world from 2000 to 2002 / © NYC & Company Communications Group




Masterfully designed by Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor, this 110-ton sculpture called "Cloud Gate" is located in the famous Millennium Park in Chicago. It reflects all the splendor of the vibrant city's skylines such as the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower, the Hancock Building and Navy Pier / © City of Chicago-GRC 

Packed with more skyscrapers and people living above the 14th floor than any other city, Hong Kong's skyline is the city's main attraction. Take a cruise on Victoria Harbour at sunset and admire spectacular views of the waterfront and of course the famous HSBC Main Building / © Hong Kong Tourism Cheng Wai-Ki 

The InterContinental Hong Kong is one of the best hotels in the world due to its breathtaking views that overlook Victoria harbour and stretch all the way to Hong Kong Island 

Watch Madrid's overpowering city skyline from the comfort and luxury of the Eurostar Madrid Tower Hotel, which offers 31 floors in its 236-metre-high establishment 

The most iconic building in Sydney is undisputably the Sydney Opera House. Overlooking the historic Sydney Harbour, the landmark acts as the centrepiece to Sydney's modern skyline with world-class architecture surrounding, such as 1 Bligh Street, Sydney Tower and the MLC Centre