Look to the bright lights of city life in Holland

by hellomagazine.com From the bicycle-filled streets of Amsterdam to the high rises of The Hague, a journey to Holland's vibrant cities is a unique cosmopolitan experience, complete with flowing canals, modern architecture and world famous museums scattered throughout the likes of Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Stroll along the Scheveningen beach and take a trip to Rotterdam's architectural wonder, the Oceanium, before marvelling over the impressive 18m-high Space Tower. Wander around Shipwright's street in Amsterdam and discover the Miniature City of The Hague.

In a place so famous for its tulips, windmills, wooden clogs, coffee shops and bread making, it is in fact the artistic charm that makes these cities so mesmerising and all the more memorable. Holland is quite literally a photographer's perfect setting to capture the magic of urban life through the camera lens.

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