Chinese New Year celebrations around the world

Millions gathered all over the world on Friday to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the spectacular and most important festival in the Chinese calendar which is widely celebrated across Asia and this year welcomes the Year of the Horse. HELLO! Online takes a look at how the Chinese, or Luna, New Year was commemorated – from prayers at the Seng Guan Temple in the Philippines and underwater performance in Indonesia to lion dances in Japan and mindblowing performances at the Spring Festival Temple Fair in Beijing. Scroll down for breathtaking pictures bursting with colour of the marking of 2014's Chinese New Year.

Chinese folk artists perform during the opening ceremony of the Spring Festival Temple Fair at the Temple of Earth park in Beijing. Photo: © Getty Images

People burn incense and pray at a temple in Nantong, the Jiangsu Province of China. Photo: © Getty Images

Indonesian performers dressed as mermaids wearing traditional Chinese cheongsam dress and a lion perform underwater in a special program celebrating the Lunar New Year at Jakarta's Ancol park in Indonesia. Photo: © Getty Images

Chinese Filipinos pray at the Seng Guan Temple in the Chinese district of Binondo in Manila, Philippines. Photo: © Getty Images

A woman holds incense sticks as she attends prayers at Bun San Bio Temple in Tangerang, Indonesia. Photo: © Getty Images

Chinese performers take part in a traditional Qing Dynasty ceremony in which emperors prayed for good fortune, during Lunar New Year festivities at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Photo: © Getty Images

Part of the stunning and colourful performance in a traditional Qing Dynasty ceremony at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Photo: © Getty Images

Chinese worshippers pray at the Dongyue Temple in Beijing in the hope that it brings them prosperity and good fortune for the Year of the Horse. Photo: © Getty Images

Members of the Chinese community perform a lion dance as they celebrate the Chinese New Year in Kolkata, India. Photo: © Getty Images

A lion dance is performed in front of a Chinese restaurant in the Yokohama China Town in Yokohama, Japan. Photo: © Getty Images