Top 10 American landmarks

In honour of Independence Day on the Fourth of July we take a look at 10 of America's most iconic landmarks. From breathtaking natural wonders stretching as far as the eye can see – think Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon – to jaw-dropping man-made creations – think New York's Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate in San Francisco – that draw millions from all over the globe every year. Our choice of top 10 are unmissable...

For an iconic Las Vegas experience the water display of Bellagio Fountains is a must. Photo: © Rex

No matter how prepared you are for the sheer scale of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, seeing it for the first time is a breathtaking experience. Photo: © Rex

Brooklyn Bridge is an instantly recognisable symbol of New York City and all its innovation. Photo: © Rex

The most spectacular diving and snorkelling in Florida is enjoyed in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Photo: © Rex

Stretching across the waters of San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge showcases the stunning natural surroundings of Marin County and the island of Alcatraz. Photo: © Rex

Between the Utah and Arizona border lies Monument Valley, named after its wind-sculpted red siltstone buttes. Photo: © Rex

Horseshoe Falls straddles the US and Canada border creating some debate over whether the Ontario side is more spectacular than the smaller American Falls. Photo: © Rex

Unique panoramic views of New York City can be taken in from the Top of the Rock on the 67th and 69th floors of the Rockefeller Centre. Photo: © Rex

This dazzling rock formation in the remote Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness on the Arizona/Utah border looks like the crest of a wave frozen in time. Photo: © Rex

With its hotsprings and abundant wildlife, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is a nature-lover's paradise. Photo: © Rex