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Suzanne and Ian build their bridge

The greatest distance can be bridged for Suzanne and Ian Enlarge

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20 APRIL 2010

When Suzanne Detzner and Ian Black met they immediately spent three years apart travelling the globe. They developed the motto "in true love the smallest distance is too great and the greatest distance can be bridged".

So when they celebrated their wedding, it lasted an entire week and included various traditions from Germany, Turkey and Ireland.

First, according to German tradition, the couple had a so-called "Polterabend" before getting married. In this ceremony friends and neighbours decorated the outside of the couple's house and smashed porcelain in front of their door in order to repel bad spirits, bring luck and teach them teamwork – it was Suzanne and Ian who had to clean up the mess.

They were first married civilly in Suzanne's home town of Oberhausen, Germany. Afterwards they jetted to the former Royal Cork Yacht Club in Cobh, Ireland, where they exchanged their vows and were married by Ian's close friend, Captain Badiul Alam.

The newlyweds then settled down for dinner at the Water's Edge Hotel next to the Yacht Club in Cork Harbour.

There the guest list was even more international than their festivities, with many travelling from abroad to celebrate with them.