These 6 moms have cooler names than their celebrity offspring

While celebrities like Beyoncé, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have their hard work and talent to thank for their success, they wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for their moms. In honor of Mother's Day, decided to take a closer look at the many moms who not only raised famous offspring, but who also happen to have, yes, memorable names themselves.

These celebrity moms have cooler names than their kids Photo: Getty Images

Beyoncé is so powerful that she doesn't even go by her last name, while sister Solange Knowles has a pretty unique moniker as well. So it's only fitting that the mom of the songstresses would have a name to match. Celestine, better known to the world by her nickname Tina, was born Celestine Ann Beyincé. Knowles gave a version of her maiden name to her older daughter, which is pretty adorable. Long popular in France, Célestine was also the name of the painter Degas’ mother.

Beyonce and mom Tina have a close bond Photo: Getty Images

And while Jennifer Lopez's relationship with Ben Affleck didn't work out, the two share the fact that both of their moms have pretty awesome names. Puerto Rico-born Guadalupe Rodriguez Lopez was an encouraging and motivating stay-at-home mom to her three daughters, including J.Lo. Guadalupe is a perennially popular name in Spain that has also had a presence in the U.S., now ranking at #456.

J.Lo can often be seen hanging out with her mother Photo: Getty Images

Meanwhile, most people hearing Ben Affleck’s mother called Chris assume that it’s short for Christine or Christina, but she was actually born Christopher and was an honored public elementary school teacher for 30 years. And yes, Christopher is a boy name rarely heard for girls, but according to Nameberry, there have been more than 7,000 baby girl Christophers since 1880.

Ben Affleck is never too old to give his mom a hug Photo: Getty Images

It may have been stunning Italian film star Sophia Loren that made it big, but her mother wanted to be an actress as well. Romilda Villani was a piano teacher and aspiring actress, and protector of her daughters during the bombings in Italy in World War II. Romilda is almost unknown in the U.S., but that could possibly change due to the Romilda Vane character in the Harry Potter series.

Sophia Loren is an iconic Italian film star Photo: Getty Images

Speaking of creating good-looking offspring , Chris, Luke and Liam Hemsworth's mom not only has incredible genes, but a really cool name as well. Leonie Hemsworth is the mother of three handsome actor sons in addition to being an English teacher. One of the old Leo-related names that have started to sound fresh again, Leonie was chosen for the daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel.

Leonie with two of her three sons Photo: Getty Images

But the winner for the most unique name has to go to Tina Fey's mom. Sounding more like a character from a fantasy book, Zenobia Xenakes, who goes by the name Jeanne, was born in Piraeus, Greece and now works for a brokerage firm. Zenobia, the middle name of Tina’s daughter Alice, has literary ties to Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edith Wharton as well as to Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles. This definitely has comeback potential.

Tina's mom's name was the inspiration for her own daughter Photo: Getty Images

Other interesting names include Lady Gaga's mom Cynthia, Cher's mom Georgia, Kristen Stewart's mother Jules and George Clooney's beloved mom Nina.

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