Gordon Ramsay reveals he came close to losing empire  

Monday June 1, 2009

TV chef Gordon Ramsay has spoken for the first time about his fight to save his restaurant chain after being told by advisers the business was on the verge of collapse.  

He blamed the financial chaos on an over-ambitious expansion plan involving ten new eateries in ten months last year, many of them overseas.  

“We thought we could do anything, that we could not fail," admitted the restaurateur. "We flew too high, too fast."   

Accountants drew up plans to put the business into administration in the face of mounting debts to the taxman, adding up to £7 million.  

“It was the worst b******ing ever . . . They told me I was f*****,” said Gordon in his typically forthright manner.  

Rather than cede control, he and his father-in-law Chris Hutcheson, who is his business partner, sunk £5 million of their own money into the company.  

To fund the rescue plan the fiery chef sacrificed his prized £200,000 grey 430 Scuderia Ferrari and even considered selling his home

Photo: © Rex

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  • Gordon Ramsay reveals he came close to losing empire  

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