Reporter born by 'royal appointment' thanks Queen

Thursday July 1, 2010

It was the moment journalist Paul Harrison had waited 37 years for – the chance to thank the Queen for helping his father travel home from Canada to London to be present at his birth.

John Harrison was invited by the monarch to travel back on her private plane at the end of her 1973 tour of Canada.

She had been moved by the newspaper reporter's plight after she heard he was unable to get a plane ticket home, and would miss the occasion of his second son's birth.

Mr Harrison was at his wife's side 12 hours before Paul made his entrance into the world.

The Queen was introduced to Paul at a garden party in Ottowa. Her face full of smiles, she told him: "It was very fortunate really - I'm glad we were able to have been of help."

After the encounter, Paul – who has always joked he was born by "royal appointment" said: "This was very humbling and it was lovely. It's been 37 years coming, to say thank you directly to the Queen and thank her from my mother for allowing my father to come back."

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  • Reporter born by 'royal appointment' thanks Queen

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