Elijah Wood: 'The Hobbit' is like a family reunion

Friday July 1, 2011

Elijah Wood has compared filming on The Hobbit to a family reunion.

The actor, who will resume his role as Frodo Baggins in the prequel, says he's really excited about getting back to New Zealand to make the Peter Jackson film.

"It's not often in your life that you get to revisit such a significant time in your life," he said.

Elijah's latest projects also include a role in a US remake of TV comedy Wilfred, in which he plays a depressed man who befriends a neighbour's dog and starts to believe he's a human in a dog costume.

He says: "There were days where there would just be absurd situations that my character and Wilfred would get into and you'd step out of that and think, 'What are we doing? What total madness are we creating?

"And there was a gleefulness associated with it like wow, this is really bizarre and wonderful and it was a joy. So much fun."

The show, based on a hit comedy in Australia, had a record 2.6 million viewers when it premiered in America last month.

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