Bond girl Gemma 'gets vexed' about weight criticism

Friday July 1, 2011

Gemma Arterton has revealed she exercises hard to keep her famous curves in shape.

The 25-year-old former Bond girl told The Sun she does get annoyed by comments about her appearance, but has learned to enjoy her looks.

Referring to criticism of her size, she added: "I do get vexed by that. I'm not abnormal - just not as skinny as other actresses. I'm healthy.

"My granddad is 97 and still does ballroom dancing. I want to live to tell the tale like him, not be 57 with osteoporosis."

Gemma recently travelled to Brazil to see an ambitious joint project by Sky TV, the World Wide Fund For Nature and the state government.

Sky Rainforest Rescue aims to try and save the forest by paying local people to protect the trees that line both sides of the BR-364 highway.

Gemma was devastated to see the destruction of the rainforests, but moved by the communities she met.

The Tamara Drewe star said she did miss her Italian fashion sales manager husband Stefano Catelli on the trip.

She revealed: "It's great. I feel so much more grounded since being married. That's why I felt I could do something like this.

"I would have loved Stefano to come but he couldn't get time off. He would have loved it but he probably would have been in tears the whole time to see what's going on."

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