'Maddening but brilliant': Blair on Brown

Wednesday September 1, 2010

In his long-awaited memoirs A Journey, Tony Blair has described his successor, Gordon Brown as a "difficult" and "maddening" man with "zero emotional" intelligence.

But the former Prime Minister also said his rival was "strong, capable and brilliant, and those were qualities for which I never lost respect".

The book goes into some detail about Mr Blair's relationship with the royal family too.

He compares himself to Princess Diana in her ability to read other people.

"We were both, in our own way, manipulators" says the Labour grandee.

Describing events after the Princess' death in 1997, the politician says he tried to advise the Queen on how to handle the public reaction – but worried she found him "presumptuous".

A year later he was with his wife Cherie at Balmoral where the royal family served the food, with the Queen doing the dishes.

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  • 'Maddening but brilliant': Blair on Brown

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