Life 'terrifying' for Susan Sarandon after split

Friday April 2, 2010

Susan Sarandon has spoken for the first time about her December split from actor and director, Tim Robbins.

"I did a movie a long time ago where I had to fly in a glider," the Oscar-winner, 63, tells Entertainment Weekly.

"You get towed up in the air by a plane, and it's loud and annoying. And at some point you pull the cord and you're suddenly floating, and in your mind it makes absolutely no sense.

"But it's exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. That's where I am now."

"I think the point is just keep moving and to just say yes to life," adds the star, who was in a relationship with Tim from 1988 to 2009 and has two children with him. 

"I certainly love the idea of being in love, and I love the idea of companionship.

"Whatever happens next in terms of romance and partners, I don't know."

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  • Life 'terrifying' for Susan Sarandon after split

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