Cheryl Cole hair ad escapes ban

Wednesday June 2, 2010

A L'Oreal advert featuring Cheryl Cole has been cleared by the Advertising Standards Authority, despite complaints from viewers that her look is achieved using hair extensions.

In the ad the X Factor judge says her hair "feels stronger" and "full of life", with a "healthy shine".

The ASA received 40 complaints that the effects shown could not be achieved because of the extensions.

However, they have declared that consumer testing, conducted by L'Oreal, appeared to demonstrate that the results were achievable by consumers who did not wear hair extensions.

"We concluded that the ads did not misleadingly exaggerate the effects of the product," said a statement.

For their part, L'Oreal pointed out that the ads were not intended to promise that consumers would look "exactly like Cheryl Cole" and she had not been "transformed above and beyond [her] public image for the purposes of the ad."

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  • Cheryl Cole hair ad escapes ban

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