Lindsay Lohan attributes troubles to bad role models

Thursday September 2, 2010

Following Lindsay Lohan's recent stint in jail, her ongoing troubles have become a source of heated debate in the media.

According to the actress herself, the pressures of growing up in the celebrity limelight, as well as the influence of unhealthy role-models have contributed to her wild-child ways.

"I would look up to those girls… the Britneys and whatever. And I would be like, 'I want to be like that,'" Lindsay told Vanity Fair in an interview which took place just before her jail sentence.

The star admitted that her youth and curiosity led her to "dabble in certain things." She added: "I thought it was okay because other people were doing it and other people put it in front of me."

According to the talented 24-year-old, however, she's had a change of attitude: "I'm a completely different person now."

Acting is at the top of her list of priorities and she begins filming on a new drama Inferno, at the end of September.

"I want my career back. I know that I'm a darn good actress and it's been my passion since I was a child."

Photo: © Rex

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  • Lindsay Lohan attributes troubles to bad role models

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