Madonna left Britain to escape her dreaded nickname 

Friday October 2, 2009

After living in London during her marriage to Guy Ritchie, Madonna is now enjoying life back on her home soil. 

And there is one thing she is definitely not missing about Britain – her nickname Madge. 

In an interview with David Letterman, the Material Girl said: "That's one of the reasons I left England – so I don't have to hear the word Madge anymore."

"Some people say Madge is a colloquialism for a boring middle-aged housewife and other people say its short for majesty."

The mum-of-four also talked about coping with life as a single mum, particularly with a headstrong 'tween' in the house – her daughter Lourdes turns 13 soon.

"She is trouble with a capital T," the 51-year-old singer said. "She's got a mind of her own. It’s a challenging job to be a parent. Teenagers – right?"

In the TV chat Madonna also cleared up speculation that she plans to walk down the aisle with her 22-year-old boyfriend Jesus Luz.


Photo: © Alpha

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  • Madonna left Britain to escape her dreaded nickname 

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