Alt-J win Mercury music prize

Friday November 2, 2012

Indie quartet Alt-J have been announced as the winners of the Mercury Music Prize.

Known for songs Something Good and Breezeblocks, the four boys beat Richard Hawley and Plan B to the prize. Thr group were stunned to receive the prestigious award.

Thom, Joe, Gwil and Gus said: "We might just thank everyone on team Alt-J who has ever made a difference."

The boys also thanked their parents for "not making them get jobs". 

Although the foursome may take their family out for dinner, they plan on celebrating their sense in a more rock n roll style.

Gus said: "He said: "We're going to go and get really smashed, we've just won a Mercury. Christ, I'm going to stay out and carry this as long as I can."

The musician also admitted to being a fan of his own work, saying: "I like listening to it and I think that is a testament to it, it's the same four guys."

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