Christian Bale's sister facing bankruptcy

Wednesday March 3, 2010

The sister of Dark Knight star Christian Bale has filed for bankruptcy, it has been revealed.

Sharon, 42, - who was involved when the actor was arrested in 2008 on assault charges - has apparently said that she hasn't yet discussed her situation with her brother.

"Christian doesn't know about the bankruptcy. I wouldn't expect him to help. We don't speak anymore. It's totally his decision and it makes us all very sad.

"I started my own property investment company and made some mistakes," she told The Sun newspaper at her bankruptcy hearing at Bournemouth County Court.

"Sharon is in a pretty dire situation and has always tried her hardest to support her family. We don't have Christian's current number and he doesn't know anything about what's happening," says Christian's mother, Jenny.

Christian is believed to have a fortune of around £30 million.

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