Japan's Emperor Akihito visited by son in hospital

Friday March 2, 2012

Japan's Crown Prince Naruhito and his wife Princess Masako are seen visiting Emperor Akihito in Tokyo's University Hospital.

The 78-year-old royal is recovering well after heart bypass surgery on February 17. 

His wife Empress Michiko has also been paying regular visits to check on his progress.

Meanwhile, people have flocked to the Imperial Palace to write messages of support to the highly respected emperor.

After this five-hour operation, his surgeon Minoru Ono told journalists it had gone "smoothly as planned".

"We confirmed a sufficient blood flow back in the arteries."

However, another doctor warned the success of the operation could only be "measured by whether the emperor can regain the normal lifestyle he had wished for".

Photo: © PA

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  • Japan's Emperor Akihito visited by son in hospital

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