Anna Paquin experiences 'sleepless' motherhood

Monday June 3, 2013

Anna Paquin, 30, has admitted she hasn't been getting much sleep recently as a new working mother of twins.

The True Blood actress - who became a mother to a twin son and daughter with her husband and co-star Stephen Moyer nine months ago - admitted to Angeleno magazine that her life is very hectic, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

"Sleep's not a very big part of my life right now. But that's fine. It's kind of part of the deal", explained Anna.

As well as starring in the hit vampire show, Anna is reprising her role as Rogue in X-Men: Days Of Future Past and has just finished filming on the indie film Free Ride, which she starred in and co-produced with her husband.

"This is one of the jobs where you don't get to pick the timing, and when it rains, it pours. When there are interesting things happening and interesting people you want to work with, you kind of jump on it and figure out the details, which thankfully have all kind of fallen into place. And then I've had a really, really awesome last few months", she continued.

Anna has expressed that she is very careful about the roles she chooses.

"I've been really blessed. I've never really been drawn to things because I wanted to be famous or huge or anything. I'd rather do one day's work on a movie that is really creatively interesting than be in every single frame of something that I find a little dull. I feel like that guided my choices a lot and I've consequently been drawn to people who, in the best possible way, because I didn't want to be the weak", admitted Anna.

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