Mums-to-be longing for some of Nicole's 'fertility' water

Friday July 3, 2009

It was after the birth of her first biological child Sunday Rose that actress Nicole Kidman claimed that waters of remote swimming holes in the Australian outback helped her conceive.

And now the same creeks, which Aborigines believe have magical properties, are in high demand as women across the planet request samples of the water to help them get pregnant.

Nicole Kidman and several other crew members swam in the waters of the Kununurra region during the shooting of Baz Luhrmann's Australia in 2007.

And weeks after filming, the Oscar-winning actress, who has two adopted children with Tom Cruise, was among seven women on set to fall pregnant.

Taking their lead from the actress, who welcomed little Sunday Rose with husband Keith Urban last July, would-be mothers are apparently requesting that tourism officers send them the outback water.

The Australian officials have said they are reluctant to post bottles however but "encourage them to come here for a swim." 

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  • Mums-to-be longing for some of Nicole's 'fertility' water

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