Anna Paquin makes over her Oscar trophy

Thursday July 3, 2014

Anna Paquin has given her Academy Award a feminine makeover.

The 31-year-old actress - best known for her role in TV show True Blood – won the trophy for her work in 1994 film The Piano, when she became the second youngest winner in Oscar history for Best Supporting Actress.

However the way she has kept her golden prize may come as an amusing surprise. When asked by a twitter follower where her award sits in her house, Anna replied: “He is still sitting in our kitchen where @amynadine applied fake lashes to him oscar night this year. normally in our room.”

The make-up enthusiast didn’t deny that she had added her own touch to the coveted gong and shared her thoughts via her own account, before Anna retweeted the message.

“Guilty as charged, @AnnaPaquin! I love that you didn’t take them off!” Amy confirmed this in her reply along with the photo of the adorned Oscar trophy.

Anna is married to her vampire-themed TV programme co-star Stephen Moyer and the couple have young twins together. She may return full-time to film when True Blood’s final season airs this year.

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  • Anna Paquin makes over her Oscar trophy

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