Paul McCartney and Susan Boyle's 'Glee' contribution

Tuesday August 3, 2010

Popular TV musical comedy Glee has apparently attracted a variety of VIP viewers, amongst whom are Susan Boyle and Sir Paul McCartney.

The Britain's Got Talent star and former Beatle have been selected to feature on the show from a growing list of performers eager to be associated with the programme - which is about an assortment of misfits in a high school choir.

Co-creater of Glee Ryan Murphy has revealed that Susan will play a dinner lady.

"Susan is on the same label as us. I guess she's a fan of the show," he said.

"She's coming out with a Christmas album, so the story I want to do for our Christmas episode is have Kurt give her some sort of fantastic makeover and have her sing a song from her album on the show," he added.

Avid Glee fans will also be treated to a Paul McCartney episode, which will feature the pop legend's music but not the man himself.

Ryan said: "I received some fantastic mixed tapes from Paul McCartney a couple of weeks ago. I thought I was being punked!

"It came out of blue […] and it said 'Hi Ryan, I hope you will consider some of these songs for 'Glee' ... I had heard that he is a fan of the show. I was gob-smacked ... so of course we are going to do something with him."

Glee has experienced outstanding success since first appearing on our screens - the show has been nominated for nineteen Emmy awards and has had three hit albums of cover versions of pop, Broadway jazz and rap songs.

Season two begins on September 21.

Photo: © Rex

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