Oscars for Oprah Winfrey and James Earl Jones

Wednesday August 3, 2011

Chat show queen Oprah Winfrey will be picking up an Oscar.

The TV legend will be honoured for her philanthropic and humanitarian contributions when she receives the statue at the third annual Governors Awards dinner and ceremony on Saturday, November 12.

The 57-year-old media mogul supports various charitable causes including her own foundations and Academy for Girls in South Africa.

James Earl Jones - the voice of Star Wars' Darth Vader - and make up artist Dick Smith will receive honorary Oscars for their outstanding careers.

James has appeared in more than 50 films.

Dick was NBC's first make-up man when he started his career in 1945.

Known as the "godfather of make-up", he also worked on The Godfather, The Exorcist and Taxi Driver.

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