Roman Polanski to be released from Swiss jail

Thursday December 3, 2009

At midday on Friday, Roman Polanski will be released from prison and placed under house arrest at his holiday chalet in Gstaad, it has been confirmed.

The 76-year-old film director met all the conditions of his £2.7 million bail this week following his arrest in September.

It stipulates he must wear an electronic tag 24 hours a day and is forbidden from leaving his home.

Roman was initially denied bail by the Swiss government, but, in a surprise move last week, it was granted by a federal criminal court after an appeal.

He will stay in his chalet pending proceedings for his possible extradition to America.

In 1978 he fled the US after pleading guilty to having unlawful sex with an underage girl.

Since then he has lived with his wife and children in France, which does not have an extradition treaty with the States.

He was detained in Switzerland earlier this year after travelling to the country to receive a lifetime achievement award at a film festival.

Photo: © Rex

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  • Roman Polanski to be released from Swiss jail

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