'It's the start of a new life': Stephen Lawrence's mother

Wednesday January 4, 2012

Following the sentence handed to Stephen Lawrence's killers, his mother has said: "It's the beginning of a new life."

Speaking outside the Old Bailey, Doreen Lawrence added: "We have been in limbo for so long." 

Both she and Stephen's father, her former husband, Neville thanked those who supported their 18-year struggle for justice.  

Gary Dobson, 36, was told by the judge that he must spend 15 years and two months in prison for the attack.

Mr Justice Treacy said that he was a "violent racist" when he acted as part of a white gang that knifed the promising young black student to death in 1993.

"They were driven by hatred and the victim was blameless," added the judge.

After the session, Gary Dobson's father shouted: "Shame on you all."

His son's accomplice David Norris, 35, gave a thumbs up to his supporters after receiving his sentence of 14 years and three months.

They were sentenced as juveniles because of their youth at the time.

These are minimum sentences, meaning that at the end of this time the pair will have to convince a parole board that they are rehabilitated.

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  • 'It's the start of a new life': Stephen Lawrence's mother

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