US elections: Mitt Romney claims narrow victory

Wednesday January 4, 2012

The first stone has been cast in the bid to choose a Republican candidate for the 2012 US presidential elections.

Mitt Romney narrowly beat his rival Rick Santorum in the Iowa Caucus, a poll of Republican party members.

Mr Romney – a businessman and former Massachusetts governor – won by only eight votes, gaining 30,015 to 30,007.

Although it is still early on in the race for the White House, Iowa is often an early indicator of which candidates will be chosen to represent their party.

Speaking after the victory, Mr Romney hit out at current President, Barack Obama.

"The gap between his promises four years ago and his performance is as great as anything I've ever seen in my life" he said.

Over the six months these polls known as primaries will be held in states all over the country.

Whoever wins the process will take on President Obama in November.

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  • US elections: Mitt Romney claims narrow victory

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