Sharron Davies hits back at 'attention seeker' Jason

Thursday February 4, 2010

In light of the controversy triggered by comments from Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner, Sharron Davies has added her opinion.

The former Olympic swimmer - who Jason strongly criticised with crude language on last week's talent show - says she believes he is getting the treatment he deserves.

"Jason's taken a battering in the media...and I can't say I'm too sorry," she says.

"We're taking part in a family entertainment programme. Surely that's not the place for crude and unconstructive comments?

"Even by his standards he has taken the role of pantomime villain too far.

"We expect criticism from judges and are willing to listen," continues the contestant, who has so far survived three weeks of her skating stint.

"When they are vindictive and attention-seeking, I think they are best ignored."

Photo: © ITV

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  • Sharron Davies hits back at 'attention seeker' Jason

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