Prince Charles: 'I suffer abuse for my green views'

Thursday February 4, 2010

Ecological Prince Charles has spoken out about the "unbelievable abuse" he suffers for his views on architecture, farming and health.

The Prince of Wales revealed he has been fighting all his life for a "greener economy" but many of his ideas have been met with "huge defensiveness".

Speaking at the annual meeting of his Green Building Foundation, the Prince also said his views have previously been described as "dangerous" and positively evil".

Charles has in the past been criticised by doctors for promoting homoeopathy - an alternative form of medicine using herbal and natural remedies.

He was also ridiculed for saying plants respond to being spoken to.

"We have to face these issues which is why I battle so hard in this area despite the unbelievable abuse that is heaped on me every time I open my mouth," Charles said on Wednesday.

"All I can hope is when I am dead it will be appreciated what I was trying to do."

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  • Prince Charles: 'I suffer abuse for my green views'

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