Royal seal of approval for Colin Firth's 'King's Speech'

Friday February 4, 2011

Colin Firth has received the ultimate accolade for his Oscar-nominated turn in The King's Speech.

Awards aside, the English actor has been commended by the Queen herself for his portrayal of her late father, George VI.

The British monarch has enjoyed a private viewing of the historical film and is said to have been touched by Colin's representation of the king as he attempts to overcome his stammer in the build-up to his 1936 coronation.

Queen Elizabeth II, 84, appears in the movie as a young girl, played by Freya Wilson.

"The King's Speech is close to the bone as it is a portrayal of her family in the 1930s," a source told the Sun.

"But she found it moving and enjoyable. She was clearly amused by some of the lighter moments."

Photo: Getty Images

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  • Royal seal of approval for Colin Firth's 'King's Speech'

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