Lewis Hamilton rents second home to be near Nicole

Thursday March 4, 2010

It seems there's no looking back for newly-reunited Lewis Hamilton and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

The couple, who recently got back together after splitting last year, will have a greater opportunity to spend time together after Lewis' decision to rent a second home.

The Formula One ace is renting properties in Melrose Avenue and Park La Brea in LA, so the pair can be closer during their hectic work schedules.

"Lewis is determined to give their relationship another go," a source tells the Sun.

"It unravelled before because they were never together in the same place, which made seeing each other very complicated.”

Nicole, who is taking part in Dancing with the Stars, will be based in LA for the duration of the show.

In February, Lewis revealed his desire to keep their romance going this time.

“You make it work, you do all you can, you know? When something is worth it, you do it," he said.

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  • Lewis Hamilton rents second home to be near Nicole

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