Steve McQueen and John Ridley's Oscar speeches spark feud rumours

Tuesday March 4, 2014

Two Oscar acceptance speeches for 12 Years A Slave that left the audience slightly baffled were from director Steve McQueen, on scooping Best Picture, and writer John Ridley, on taking home Best Adapted Screenplay.

The duo seemed to forget to thank each other, sparking rumours that Steve and John could be feuding. Steve reportedly wanted a writer's credit on the project which he clearly did not receive.

Looking back on the moment, the London-born director otherwise delivered a heart-warming speech which communication coach Robin Kermode, author of Speak So Your Audience Will Listen, has praised.

"To hold your notes or not to hold your notes? Always a dilemma," said Robin. "Steve was clearly very moved and highly emotional, so he went down the holding-the-notes route.

"He thanked his team, which was largely made up of women, 'I have all these powerful women in my life.' He was racing against the clock to get as many 'thank you's' in as possible and there was even one person on his list he couldn't pronounce but he said, 'Sorry, you know who you are, I'm just very nervous.' We completely forgave him.

"He ended with great dignity, 'And lastly… everyone deserves not just to survive, but to live. This is the most important legacy of the Solomon North film. I dedicate this award to all the people who have endured slavery. And the 21million people who still suffer in slavery today.' An emotional speech about an emotional film."

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  • Steve McQueen and John Ridley's Oscar speeches spark feud rumours

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