Princess Eugenie targeted by robbers in Cambodia

Monday May 4, 2009

Princess Eugenie and her friends had to be rescued by two royal protection officers when thieves targeted them as they were travelling in Cambodia during her gap year holiday.
Two men from Scotland Yard's elite SO14 protection squad tackled a robber to the ground when two thieves grabbed a purse from one of the princess' friends. But as they struggled with one of the men, the other "pelted them with stones" to try and stop them. Fearing for Eugenie's safety, they released the thief, took the purse and whisked the 19-year-old and her pals to safety.  
The incident, which took place as the princess and two friends walked through Phnom Penh, is the first time in ten years that the officers have stopped a direct threat against a member of the royal family.
A Buckingham Palace source praised the work of the special Branch Officers telling The Sun: "They feared the incident was escalating out of control and took to the decision to focus on the safety of their principle."
Since finishing her A-levels in last year, Eugenie has been enjoying a gap-year trip that has included visits to Thailand, South Africa and India.

Photo: © Getty Images

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  • Princess Eugenie targeted by robbers in Cambodia

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