Kate's £70 wedding day scent an instant sell-out

Wednesday May 4, 2011

The Duchess of Cambridge has a knack for putting relatively unknown clothing designers and brands on the map, and it seems she has the same effect with perfumers.

On Friday, it was revealed that the scent Kate chose for her big day was White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum, a little-known British brand.

Almost immediately after its unveiling, every single 50ml bottle in stock was sold out, with a two week waiting list now standing in the way of those wishing to purchase the £70 scent.

"There's been a phenomenal response across the world," an Illuminum spokesman said.

"Orders have come in from dozens of different countries, but most of our customers have come from the US.

"It's charming to think that so many people abroad are interested in the wedding."

A description on the company website describes the scent as 'fragrant as a vase of white flowers quivering in the breeze by an open window, this is a delicate and nuanced scent.'

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  • Kate's £70 wedding day scent an instant sell-out

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