Amy Adams surprised by Henry Cavill's kindness

Tuesday June 4, 2013

Amy Adams has admitted she was surprised that Henry Cavill was such a nice person.

The pair star together in new Superman film Man Of Steel as Lois Lane and Clark Kent, and Amy was pleasantly surprised by her co-star, according to website Flicks and Bits.

She said: "I expected a lot more swagger from Henry, I don't know why.

"But he was actually so humble and so generous, even just in the first reading.

"I remember thinking that that's a rare package. Not only in life, but especially in Hollywood to find somebody with that physical presence that also has this sort of... I hate to say it, a softest - a gentle quality about him."

Amy also said she had enjoyed the scenes set at the Daily Planet: "The Daily Planet stuff I had a blast because I feel like that's where Lois Lane is the most comfortable and that's where she feels the most powerful - that's her world.

"It was so much fun, and to work with actors like Laurence Fishburne and like Michael Kelly... Michael's like a huge discovery for me, he's one of those people I've always known but never knew I knew - I've seen him in so many things."

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  • Amy Adams surprised by Henry Cavill's kindness

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