Heather Mills reveals 2001 phone hacking incident

Thursday August 4, 2011

Heather Mills has claimed a senior journalist admitted hacking voicemails left for her by Sir Paul McCartney.

The Mirror Group journalist made the admission in 2001, Heather told BBC2's Newsnight programme.

Sir Paul's former wife said that after the Beatle star left the voicemail the journalist rang her quoting parts of the recording.

When challenged about how they knew what was said, Heather said they admitted the message had been hacked.

She told the programme that in early 2001 she had a row with her then boyfriend Sir Paul, who later left a conciliatory message on her voicemail while she was away in India.

According to Heather, a senior Mirror Group Newspapers journalist rang her and "started quoting verbatim the messages from my machine".

She said she challenged the journalist saying: "You've obviously hacked my phone and if you do anything with this story... I'll go to the police."

She said they responded: "OK, OK, yeah we did hear it on your voice messages, I won't run it."

The journalist was not Piers Morgan, who was the editor of the Daily Mirror at the time, a spokesman for the programme said.

In a statement issued through CNN, Mr Morgan said: "Heather Mills has made unsubstantiated claims about a conversation she may or may not have had with a senior executive from a Trinity Mirror newspaper in 2001.

"The BBC has confirmed to me that this executive was not employed by the Daily Mirror."

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