Edwina Currie flattered over Nancy rivalry stories

Tuesday October 4, 2011

Forget about the bright young things, this year's Strictly is all about the evergreen beauties.

And everyone's talking about the supposed rivalry which is heating up between two of the show's feistiest stars - Edwina Currie and Nancy Dell'Olio.

Former Conservative politician Edwina has laughed off the reports, however.

"I'm deeply flattered about the alleged rivalry between Nancy and me... she's gorgeous," said the 64-year old.

"But I am a mother and wife twice, a grandma and great-grandma, I think I should be the one that's envied."

Edwina says that like Ann Widdecombe last year, she and dance partner Vincent Simone will be bringing a touch of comedy to the table.

"There are some reversals of expectations going on and they will be quite funny," she said.

Photo: © BBC

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  • Edwina Currie flattered over Nancy rivalry stories

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